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Our Play House Curriculam

'sky bloo' playhouse has an unique creative play and learn curriculum to feed the young minds for achieving, managing and understanding. The importance of Early years education is rightly conveyed to the parents through theme based programmes. Activities are carefully crafted and well executed. Our well trained teachers understand every single child and give them the opportunity to learn and discover on their own. We assure at 'sky bloo' that all the children will be independent and confident by the course of time.

  • Value Based Programmes:

Theme based programmes have given awesome results for kids to relate and have fun and learn the values of sharing and caring. Some of the successful events are: Colours theme day, Grandparents day etc.

  • Talent Display Programmes:

Talent display programmes boost the potential of kids which are well exhibited in the form of shows and events. Some of the successful events are: SHOW n TELL, Theme Project days, Sparkle etc.

  • Social & Emotional Skill Development Programme:

Everyday, all the activities are designed such that it gives the opportunity to kids to form a team, and ends up with an awesome group activity, ultimately improving their socialising skills.

  • Physical Development Programme:

Daily activities are of both indoor and outdoor. Theme applied in play help kids to develop the Fine motor and Gross motor skills.

  • Cognitive Development Programme:

Children are exposed to try all the theme based programmes in the form of books, puzzles, flash cards, enacting etc., to learn, think and relate. We also motivate every child to apply concepts practically.

  • Creative Programme:

Creative platform is tailor made in accordance to kids which will instigate their creativity. Some of the programmes are: Smart Art, Painting, Clay play, Disguise n Enact, Story corner etc.

  • Pals of Earth Programme:

Children are experiencing earth friendly concepts only to become 'Pals of Earth'. This gives them the completeness and confidence.