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Welcome To Skybloo

'sky bloo' playhouse is a creative place for kids where they feel like paradise. We assure that every child at 'sky bloo' will get individual attention and they'll carry beautiful memories throughout. We thoroughly understand the early childhood education and our curriculum has been carefully crafted for our kids. Kids love, learn and discover everything here which gives them confidence to perform more! At 'sky bloo' playhouse we have kids from ages 1.5 years - 3.5 years and in 'my place' clubhouse (after school activities) from ages 4 years - 9 years.

Atomsphere here will pat kids' hidden talents and think creatively. We promote group activities and team work. Classroom interactions between teachers and kids will improve social and language skills. 'sky bloo' feels pleasure in serving kids and parents always and loves to keep up the relationship in future.

Mrs. Kavitha Hari
Founder of Skybloo

Our Skybloo


Started as a small summer camp in the year 2009, her efforts and ideas shaped what is now called as 'sky bloo' playhouse for kids which was started on 3rd October 2014. Her foundational ideology is to create the 'next generation' kids and develop creativity, knowledge and life skills in them.

Along with her team of passionate teachers and assistants, she is able to cater the needs for the future society. The unique creative curriculum at 'sky bloo' paves the platform for the children to love, learn and discover.

Our Skybloo Team

Mrs. Jayashree Omkumar

Mrs. Gayathri Siva Kumar
Asstnt Teacher - Playhouse

Mrs. Sarukala Arvind
Teacher in charge - Playhouse



Mrs. Uma Sridhar

Mrs. Praveena Selvam
Teacher in charge - Clubhouse



Mrs. G. Uma