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Events at club house

May 2017

Scrapbooks or models are displayed. This event show cases both parent's and children's creativity.

June 2017

Kids will learn, develop confidence and improves vocabulary.

July 2017

3. Story Telling Contest:


This event is open to public with a THEME. Kids from different schools can participate. Every January, children will prepare and tell stories in different style and go creative.



Auguest 2017

4. Drawing Contest:

Children are exposed to the world of SMART ART. Some kids will experience this event as a WORKSHOP and some will take it up as a challenge. Every August, kids are given a concept to draw and go creative.

September 2017

5. Sparkle:

This is the name for 'sky bloo' annual day. Every year kids' talents can be seen, STRICTLY NOT to be compared but to ENCOURAGE and APPRECIATE.