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Our Club House Curriculam

'sky bloo' organises creative activities called 'my place' clubhouse for kids from different schools age group 4 years - 10 years on weekends and after school hours,
'my place' clubhouse has the following features:

  • Value Based Programmes:

Theme based programmes have given awesome results for kids to relate and have fun and learn the values of sharing and caring. Some kids will have particular interest and some will choose between options. They get the opportunity to learn values such as Theme day, Theatre, Story corner etc.

  • Talent Display Programmes:

Talent Display Programmes show cases the latent talents of the kids. Clubhouse is definite in bringing each and every kid's talents in a creative form. Some of them are: Drawing contest, Story contest, Sparkle 2017 etc.

  • Social & Emotional Skill Development Programme:

Concept based challenges are given to the kids of different groups. Group activities will help kids to learn, share and care. Some of them are: Cooking without fire, Mom and Kid contest etc.

  • Creative Programme:

Clubhouse concept has been designed carefully to support kids in their interested areas like art n crafts, paintings, writing skill, speech, story telling, quiz, theatre etc. By understanding their attention span, the theme based activities are tailor made in accordance to the kids. They learn, understand, experiment, discover and think creative. Some of them are: fun trip, contests, Camps, Sparkle 2017 etc.